Friday, July 2, 2010

 Raja Karcis

Minimum Capital Rp.108.000.000.-

Anyone who would invest constantly faced with the question of how the cost and for what, then followed with the question of how the estimated yield (rate of return) that will be obtained per day, per month or per year. Thus, after knowing all of the estimates of cost and revenue estimates will then someone can make a decision whether these investments are profitable (profitable) or not. In short, investment calculations are based on how much it costs and how much investment revenues.



 Minimum Capital US$ 168,000

Franchise Information
Since the era of the 1990s, Pizza into a lot of foods liked by all levels of society in Indonesia. So it is not surprising that business growth is also increasingly Pizza restaurants mushrooming everywhere. This certainly is not no pay - attention by Papa Ron's Pizza to expand its business with a franchise system (franchise). This system is the recommended way for beginners who want to try to do business, especially restaurants, because the franchise business are not at higher risk. Especially if you can choose a franchise that has a good reputation and high quality like Papa Ron's Pizza. Papa Ron's Pizza is one of the local franchise which started business in 2000 and began memwaralabakan brand since 2002, until now, Papa Ron's Pizza has opened 43 outlets throughout Indonesia where six of them belong to PT.Eatertainment and the rest are franchises.

 Waroeng Bandeng Kapasari Surabaya

Minimum Capital Rp.125.000.000,-


"Milkfish Waroeng Kapasari Surabaya" was established on May 5, 2005 by Teguh Imam Prayogi, ST. Early stand using the name "Presto Milkfish Kapasari" superior product "Milkfish Presto".

Along with the rapid development of the Archipelago Culinary then we develop products with a variety of menu choices prepared from fish without spines / remove the thorns with the taste and quality guaranteed. This development makes us Change the name to "Milkfish Waroeng Kapasari Surabaya".



Minimum Capital Rp.8.000.000,-

We of the Chicken Bone CEPY Software offers business opportunity chicken franchise dr bandung ... presto, to the father / mother / brother who sells chicken business pny mo presto wrote this in the city where INFO ...

Roslianna Driving Course

 Roslianna Driving Course

Minimum Capital Rp. 60.000.000,-

About RDC

About RDCKendaraan motor is a part that can no longer be separated from the life of modern man. Where a modern man can not be separated from the movement of a dynamic, flexible, fast and efficient in doing all things. For the year 2004 alone, the number of motor vehicles in Indonesia has reached 25,889,933, an increase of 7,586,958 from the year 2003 or 41.45% (data obtained from the Ministry of Home Affairs). In 2006 there were 7,840,671 motor vehicles throughout Greater Jakarta, 5,194,011 of which are motorcycles. Especially in Jakarta there were 4,276,133 vehicles, 2,718,864 of which are motorcycles.

BEACH® Laundry

 BEACH® Laundry

Minimum Capital Rp.90.000.000.-

    BEACH ® Laundry Franchising is a concept developed from BEACH ® Laundry which stood at the date of 11 June 2007.
BEACH ® Laundry itself has been shown to provide benefits according to planned targets.
Founder BEACH ® Laundry Laundry is a business consultant kiloan wet clean or dry clean that has been
trusted by more than 80 Laundry that becomes a client, so it can be said is a barometer BEACH ® Laundry Laundry kiloan in Yogyakarta.
BEACH ® Management Franchise office is managed by professionals and consultants who participated directly involved in all operational activities. In addition to local employment, BEACH ® Franchise Management is also assisted by a consultant from Singapore who will always provide the latest information in research and development. In the financial field, Beach ® Franchise Management is assisted by a professional team of financial auditors.

Apple Tree Preschool

Apple Tree Preschool

Miminum Capital Rp.


Your Child is Our Priority.

To be a trusted Pre-School to educate young learners to perform well academically through experiential learning.

The early childhood plays a very important role in establishing a solid base for the child's overall growth and development. Therefore, we believe in a curriculum that enables children to reach their fullest potential at their own pace.

We are committed to provide a developmentally appropriate program based on children's strengths, needs and abilities that form the basis of learning.