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Batagor Jepang Takashi Mura

 Batagor Jepang Takashi Mura

What is batagor japan?

Fried Tofu meatballs, or who is better known for the famous batagor term comes from the city of Bandung, but energetic and creative figures as a pioneer perennial Ridwan unique batagor create new innovations from batagor, Japan Takashi Mura batagor name.
Named batagor menginovasikan batagor with japan because japan's famous taste typical with fish, Katsu and teriyaki sauce.

Meatballs in japan batagor diinovasikan using pure tuna meatballs. Know which is also used to know the options and combined with flour Katsu typical Japanese cuisine with Teriyaki sauce using ketchup variation typical of Japanese cuisine. Also still comes with many variations and innovations of other menus.
With the motto "People Price, Pain Tycoons", where product prices very affordable for all walks of life. Therefore, Japan is named batagor batagor Japan Takashi Mura.
History of establishment?
Culinary business was first opened on 28 June 2008 under the name Kitchen Unick Resto, which is located at shop 225 Pendowo jl.mayjend Panjaitan Malang. With the concept of an indoor restaurant. By deliberately chosen locations disekitaran campus, approximately 200 yards from the gates of the university because of the Kitchen Unick UB target segment adan Adolescent Students. Therefore, variations in the kitchen unick menu varies greatly. Ranging from steaks, burgers, fried and roasted chicken, mushrooms, roasted rice, grilled fish and various beverages. Such as juice, ice degan lychees, ground coffee, and others. To more clearly you can see in
See the development and market response is very enthusiastic about finally began to open stores in the form of outdoor carts that we aimed to become the embryo of a franchise business development direction. But to ensure this business is profitable then we open some of the food and beverage outlets in the kitchen is unique and most of this peminatnya.hal we do because we want to make a franchise benar2 a proven way before we sell. Because many businesses are already in private business sebelun franchisekan even roads, so seolah2 only sell the concept. So the business just like mushrooms, it's easy to grow kemuduan dead. We try to mentrial our business first before we franchisekan. Akhirya we opened three branches with the concept outdor (Carriage / rombong), namely:
create a leading culinary business in Indonesia, which can penetrate the global market and beneficial for many people.
Now we are ready to become your business partner to jointly mewujutkan our vision stretcher.
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