Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pure beauty care

 Pure beauty care

Pure beauty care is a clinic that engages in the face and body skin care that is now growing rapidly. By segment market share of men and women aged 14 years s / d 60 years which is the largest share in the world of beauty, beauty and skin health.
With a solid vision, mission support systems is adequate, modern beauty equipment and close supervision of doctors Pure aesthetic beauty care wing was determined to continue to expand to reach all regions in Indonesia.

Answering the needs of the skin clinic with a personal touch, modern and international-quality beauty Care Pure presents the optimum service and quality products and provide results that PERFECT. Pure beauty products have passed quality tests under the supervision of the PT. Pure Beauty of Indonesia.

Why did you choose us?

1. Brand Awarness broad

2. Target market segments are large and clear

3. Having a quality product

4. Information systems and employment systems kompetent

5. Have the expert staff of more than five years in the field of beauty.

6. The division is more profitable results.

7. Commitment to development and a solid technical support from the principal.

8. Continuous innovation of new products.

9. Safer Products

10. Merk who was raised by a combination of several prominent physicians beauty.

11. HR experts in the field.

Product advantage:

1. All products have the licensing POM.

2. Using aromatherapy perfume

3. Use of preservatives so it can be stored longer.

4. Using natural dyes so attractive product display.

5. Packaging is very attractive with a minimalist style.

6. Using imported raw materials, so that finer-textured and soft.

7. How to use products that are easy and practical.

8. Ekstrat mixing in fruit and herbal products, so as to appear more natural.

9. Use of the product using a doctor's prescription.

10. Outlet products sold only in official Indonesian beauty puree.

For more information please contact the franchisor directly at:

Company Name PT. Pure beauty Indonesia
Alternative address commercial Cibubur R05/18 Cibubur Grand Citra
Contact Person Vita
Phone 021-84598451
Fax 021-84598451

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