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VZ is a skin care clinic engaged in face and body skin care that is now growing rapidly. With the existing vision and mission, VZ skin care continues to widen the wing was determined to reach all regions in Indonesia. Optimistic to be able to compete deliver optimal service and quality in response to public needs skin care in line with developments in science and technology, then VZ skin care continues to enrich themselves with the beauty industry advances, equip doctors with the latest scientific update, monitor quality of medicines drugs that are used under the supervision of a PT. YABETA INDONESIA, as well as maintain a solid self-management.


Vision: The totality quality service, professional and comprehensive reach all cities in Indonesia

Mission: Maintain quality of service pillars:

1) Medical: - Update of science and technology, physicians

                          - Update the beauty industry tools

                          - Monitor the quality of medicines

                          - Calibration of equipment used

                          - Regular meeting of doctors and clinics beautician

2) Management: - Maintain the quality of service, friendliness, cleanliness,

                            alertness, discipline and honesty

                          - Maintain unity and solidarity among


                          - Managing a good clinic

3) Market: - Promotion various media

                          - Offers license and cooperation

                          - Monitor inter-branch

License requirements

- Filing an application by filling out the form Having sufficient funds for investment

- Having a standard location VZ Skin Care.

- Willing to training in Jakarta or at the outlet to be opened.

- Obey all the rules existing VZ Skin Care today and the future in accordance with the agreements.

- Meet the licensing requirements.


1. Starterkit:

- 5000 brochure.

- 500 doctors informed consent.

- 500 patient status.

- 100 memorandum of recipes.

- 100 memorandum of the bill.

- 5 Boxes Name Card VZ Skin Care.

- 100 Skin Care VZ paper bag.

- 500 plasik VZ drug Skin Care.

- 2 Banner.

- 500 pen promo VZ Skin Care logo.

2. Joint promotions (print and electronic media).

3. Beautycian training for two weeks.

4. 1 dozen of each product for the initial investment


Perioritas preparation of business:

- Surveying the scene.

- Potential business location (outlet area of at least 20 m2) VZ Standart Skin Care ..

- Preparation of appropriate human resources, is ready to be trained by the VZ Skin Care Management.

- Mental attitude as a business entrepreneur who realized that there are risks.

- Set aside time to memonitorkan business.

- Creativity in view of market opportunities.

The process of becoming a partner VZ Skin Care:


1. Skin Care Training from the VZ during the first month (adjusted for time and place).

2. In the provision of medical aids and beautycian.

3. no royalty profits.


1. A clear target market and area.

2. training and selection of employees.

3. The availability of beauty products.

4. Quality products.

5. Long-term business

6. Still a large market opportunity.

7. Quality products and services.

8. Always make innovations by releasing new products.

9. Penanggunan ads on joint responsibility of several outlets (joint venture), so the cost can range from mild

10. MARGIN (profit per treatment and products) are very large for a service business. VZ Skin Care is a service business where margins can reach 100%.

11. Minimal stock. Level of stocks held by the outlet is very minimal because we can deliver the goods within 7 days maximum to the outside bead work, and can save the cost of excessive stocks.

12. Quality guaranteed.

13. PRODUCT 100% reliable and safe because all produck VZ Skin Care clinic using bp pom and license their own production company in our factory of PT. YABETA Indonesia by doctors as well as beauty and skin apoteker2 reliable and understand about the skin to maintain the quality of each OUTLET efficacy and cure.

14. 100% profit product.

15. HR (human resources). Human resources trained in the VZ Skincare is because we provide full training & knowledge during a full moon. In addition, doctors bersetificate beautician beauty and we are very well trained for every day of our human resources learning center div z clinic. For those of you who understand the importance of HR, this is one factor to take VZ Skin Care as your business next.

Product advantage:

 - All prescription drug use beauty.

- All product VZ Skin Care at the station license.

- Do not wear perfume.

- Not using dyes.

- No preservatives.

- Not sold on the open market, special only at the outlet VZ Skin Care.

Direct Marketing Advertising Promotion:

 - Website.

- Tabloid

- Bolboard Advertisement.

- Banner.

- Brochure.


 1) Pharmaceutical HARSEN



For more information please contact the franchisor directly at:

VZ Management Company Name
Golden Vienna Address Block No. B1. 2 BSD Serpong Tangerang
Contact Person VZ Management
Phone (021) 7563628
Fax (021) 7563628


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